Kickstarter Comic Book Promo: Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars

An independent comic book publisher known as Stranger Comics has gotten the rights to make an official comic book adaptation of the Vampire Hunter D short story Message from Cecile titled Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars that is currently being funded on Kickstarter with only 29 days left before it ends. For those that don’t know, Vampire Hunter D is a Japanese novel series created by Hideyuki Kikuchi (the writer) and Yoshitaka Amano (the illustrator) that’s about a human/vampire hyrbid hunter named D with the setting taking place in a post-apocalyptic future. Vampire Hunter D is very popular with there currently being 30 novels of the main series, two anime film adaptations, a video game, a manga adaptation, an upcoming animated series, and a rumored live action motion picture. Stranger Comics has set up a Kickstarter campaign as a means to afford the budget to get their comic book adaptation in the Vampire Hunter D franchise published. Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars will be written by Brandon Easton, and illustrated by Michael Broussard. If you want to know about the publisher Stranger Comics, here is the link to their official website.

Here is the link to the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Kickstarter campaign so that you can help make this comic come to life:


Kickstarter Comic Book Promo: Gears and Bones Volume 1 (Rebooted Version)

Guardian Knight Comics has re-launched their Kickstarter campaign for Gears and Bones Volume 1. This campaign now needs $5,000 in order to get printed. Gears and Bones is a fantasy comic created by Apple De La Fuente, written by Andrew P. Anderson, and has artwork by¬†Osvaldo Montpeller. This crowdfunding campaign has 26 days left before it ends. Guardian Knight Comics is an independent comic book publisher that needs all the support they can get to have Gears and Bones Volume 1 finally happen. Please check out their website, please purchase their comics to read digitally on ComiXogoly, and please like their official facebook page. You can also buy Guardian Knight Comics’s titles on TFAW, and DriveThruComics.

Here is the link to the Gears and Bones Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Comic Book Promo: Silence: Track Two

Silence: Track Two is the second issue of Devin Kraft’s self-published series Silence that just like the Silence: Track One, is being funded on Kickstarter. Silence is a comic that uses music, and is about a band that must stop sirens from leading men in ships to their doom, and is created, written, illustrated, lettered and colored by Devin Kraft. Silence is not the first self-published comic Devin Kraft has made that he used Kickstarter to get the funding for. What I’m talking about is his series Dragon Slayer that is currently available to purchase on Devin’s Etsy Shop, and on ComiXology.¬†Devin Kraft is a artist with a lot of talent and passion, and has made artwork of almost every character in comics, anime and manga, film and television, and video games. Silence: Track Two needs $4,000 in order to get printed, and has 29 days left before it ends. If you want to see Devin Kraft’s fantastic art, please check out his website, DeviantArt page, and Tumblr page. If you also want to support him even more, please purchase his work from his Etsy shop, and buy his comics to read digitally on ComiXology.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign of Silence: Track Two.

Kickstarter Art Book Promo: Geeky Goddesses: The Pin-up Art of Sean Forney

Sean Forney has made a new Kickstarter campaign to get the funding for his art book that’s dedicated to his pin-up art based on models he has worked with in the past 3 years. All the pin-ups are penciled, inked, and digitally colored by Sean Forney. This Kickstarter campaign currently has 43 days left before it can reach its funding goal of $1,200. To those that are unaware of Sean Forney and his work, Sean Forney has primarily worked as a colorist for comic book titles such as Judges, Zen The Intergalactic Ninja, Nottie and Nyce, and Deadpooh. He’s also created his own comic called Scarlet Huntress. Sean Forney has also digitally colored artwork by Marat Mychaels, and Rob Liefeld. If you want to see his work, please check out and like his facebook page Sean Forney Illustration, please check out his DeviantArt page, and please visit his website.

The link to the Geeky Goddesses: The Pin-up Art of Sean Forney kickstarter campiagn is here if you want to support it.