Kaijumax Season One Review by Eugene Alejandro

Zander Cannon’s Oni Press series Kaijumax is an awesome and ambitious blend of giant monsters, tokusatsu, and prison drama that will satisfy fans of all those genres.

The story in Kaijumax Season One is about a kaiju named Electrogop who is sent to a prison island where kaijus are taken to called Kaijumax that is controlled by space superheros (characters inspired and influenced by Ultraman) where he tries his best to survive in it, and find a way to escape the island and look for his children. While that is the main story, there are multiple subplots that go along with it, but I won’t say what they are because I want you read this graphic novel and be surprised to know what they are (if you haven’t read it already that is). The ending is also a good set-up for Kaijumax Season Two.

The reason why Kaijumax works very well as prison drama with giant monsters in it that contains more than one plot is because Zander Cannon did an excellent job at executing the concept without it all feeling convoluted and hard to follow because his writing is very good. Each character in Kaijumax Season One also has great development to them (which shows that Zander Cannon is skilled at creating and writing characters). Kaijumax is also a series that proves Zander Cannon’s love for the kaiju and tokusatsu genres as every character is either a kaiju or someone that can transform into a giant humanoid being in order to combat the kaiju (just like in the Ultraman franchise).

Zander Cannon’s artwork in Kaijumax has a typical cartoon-looking style to it, but it surprisingly works well even with the parts of the story that are very dark, intense, and gruesome. The characters and everything else are also illustrated perfectly.

If you are a huge fan of kaiju, tokusatsu, or both, and want to read a comic that brilliantly combines those two genres into a prison drama, Kaijumax Season One by Zander Cannon is the story for you.

I give Kaijumax Season One 4/5 Stars, and 2 Thumbs Up.