Judges Review by Eugene Alejandro

Judges is a self-published comic created and written by Ben Miller that features artwork by Cory Hamscher, lettering by Marshall Dillon, and coloring by Sean Forney and Thomas Mason, and is a story about three “Judges” (Jep, Deborah, and Ehud) who kill demons disguised as humans. The whole idea behind Judges is that the most evil people in the world are actually demons in disguise (which explains why they are evil). With a fascinating premise like that, I can certainly say that it succeeds in it as Judges is a fantastic independent creator-owned self-published comic.

Ben Miller’s writing for Judges is amazing as he was able to properly introduce the plot and characters in the span of only 4 issues. Each character is developed very well, and the story moves at a perfect pace by not rushing itself.

The artwork in Judges is also something to be amazed at. The pencil and inking by Cory Hamscher is very reminiscent of both Erik Larsen and (to some extant in my opinion) Walter Simonson. Each character is drawn very well, and the backgrounds are also detailed nicely. The action scenes are also illustrated very well, and even the violent scenes look nice. The coloring by Sean Forney and Thomas Mason helps to show how Cory Hamscher’s artwork in Judges is awesome as there coloring fits the tone of the story very well, and helps the artwork be seen by the readers very well without it looking out of place.

As for the lettering by Marshall Dillon, for what it is, it’s standard comic book lettering. I did really like though how the lettering style for the demon characters and the human characters looked very different as a means to show how differently they speak.

The only nitpick I have with Judges is that while it doesn’t end on a blatant cliffhanger, there is still obvious hints of there being another story, and while I don’t mind that, I would’ve like it a bit better had it not been too obvious that there will (or might be) another Judges story.

Overall, Ben Miller’s Judges is a fabulous comic book that I can certainly recommend spending money on as a means to both support Ben Miller himself, and to also read Judges. You will not be let down by it.

I give Judges 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.