Short Stories Schedule For Next Month

Happy Valentines Day of 2019 everybody! Even though I did say a long time ago that I was going to self-publish some short stories on my Booksie page for this February, I have sadly gotten way too overwhelemed and distracted by other things to where I feel it is better to wait until next month (March 2019) to self-publish them instead. I hope everybody is going to be okay with this, and here is a quick release date schedule about what short stories I will have on my Booksie page, as well as when they are specifically available to read for next month.

-Arcadian Lord Lycaon (3/9/2019)

-The Demon Of Minos (3/16/2019)

-Gevaudan’s Monstrosity (3/23/2019)

Before I ever forget to say so, I must let everyone reading this know that it could be possible that I may not be able to upload these three short stories due to various reasons that may happen next month. I promise to keep you all updated if such things happen though, but I will always be grateful knowing that plenty of people will read my short stories regardless.


My New Facebook Page For 2019

In January 8th, 2019, I will have a brand new Facebook page simply titled “Eugene Alejandro”, which is going to be dedicated to all of my story writing that I am currently self-publishing on Booksie. In regards to sharing my Booksie material on this Facebook page, it’ll be made very easy since Facebook pages allow the creators and owners to schedule posts on specific dates and times. When the “Eugene Alejandro” Facebook page is finally made, I promise to post a schedule about when each chapter of Omukade will be shared on the page for other people to see. Until then though, thank you all for helping me achieve my dreams and goals before 2018 ends, and I also promise to post more updates about my upcoming new Facebook page if possible on Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt. Also, anything regarding my future work that relates to comic book and novel writing will keep on happening in 2019, and I’ll be sure you will all be updated about such if possible. If you would like to, please check out the links listed down below.

My Official Twitter Page


Omukade Novella Chapter Release Schedule

Update: My Booksie page for where I’ll be publishing Omukade has just been made. Please click on this link to see it:

Starting next month and in this year (November 2018 just to clarify), my novella; Omukade, will finally be published on to read for free. However, each of the 10 chapters will be posted on that site every two days a week. I fully promsie to make sure to inform everybody if I’m unable to upload a certain chapter on a scheduled date. With all of that now out of the way for now, here is the entire schedule for when each chapter of Omukade gets published on

Omukade Chapter One-11/2/2018

Omukade Chapter Two-11/7/2018

Omukade Chapter Three-11/9/2018

Omukade Chapter Four-11/14/2018

Omukade Chapter Five-11/16/2018

Omukade Chapter Six-11/21/2018

Omukade Chapter Seven-11/23/2018

Omukade Chapter Eight-11/25/2018

Omukade Chapter Nine-11/28/2018

Omukade Chapter Ten-11/30/2018

To quickly re-cap as to what Omukade will be about without going into massive spoilers, this novella is a period piece fantasy horror story very loosely based on the Japanese fairy tale; “My Lord Bag of Rice”. This plot will focus on a specific group of characters who must save the world from a massive threat that could destroy all of humanity.

The reason why I’ve chosen (as well as the read-for-free digital format) to publish this novella of mine is because I personally feel that it would be a very good way to attract a lot of people who are interested in reading my very first work of fictional story literature. Also, my own father was kind enough to edit/revise Omukade for me (which I am very grateful for).

If are also interest in following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt, please be sure to do so if you’d like. Overall, thank you to everyone who has helped me achieve me this goal of mine before the year 2018 ends. I very much appreciate finally being able to make myself become an Author/Creator/Writer/Storyteller because of the love and support I have recieved from a lot of good people who truly care about me.

Greek Mythology Entertainment Month Announcement

For next month in October 2018 as part of this year’s Halloween, I will have eight new reviews for stuff within entertainment that is related to my favorite kind of mythology; Greek Mythology. Here is the list of the reviews and when they will be specifically published on WordPress to be shared.

Kill The Minotaur Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/5/2018

Minotaur Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/6/2018

Immortals Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/7/2018

Immortals Gods And Heroes Graphic Novel Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/19/2018

Jason And The Argonauts Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/20/2018

Disney’s Hercules Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/21/2018

Troy The Odyssey Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/26/2018

Clash Of The Titans (1981) Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/28/2018

Now I must mention that because of me not fully knowing what will happen on these days, there may be times in which I will have to published some of these reviews on different dates. If that happens, I promise to make sure that anyone who is paying attention to this is fully aware about that. I just hope it doesn’t occur as I’ve worked very hard to make all of these reviews for one month.

If you would like to, please check out my Three Facebook Pages and Timeline, please follow me on Twitter, and please follow me on Instagram.

I also have a DeviantArt Page if you are interested.

The reasons for my absence on this Blog

Hello everyone. I am fully aware that I haven’t been posting anything new lately on my WordPress Blog this year, and I want to explain my reasons for that right now in the best way that I can. I will be saying a lot, so please pay attention very well to my own words.

In case you aren’t aware, I finally completed writing all 10 chapters for my upcoming horror/fantasy novella that I plan to self-publish as a free-to-read digital book on The novella will be revealed on Facebook on September 7th, 2019, and all 10 chapters will be published weekly starting on November 2018 (I promise to make a WordPress Blog schedule about that if I can).

Also, I have recently begun writing short stories that I plan to also self-publish on, and have them released on that website in the year; 2019 (February 2019 is the planned month for my short stories). At the moment, I have completed two of my short stories.

Because of me focusing a lot on my story writing, I have gone through a lot of (and too much) anxiety, depression, fear, frustration, and stress as I’ve come to realize that I pay attention to my writing way too often that I should have, and I work way too hard to where I cause negativity on myself.

At the moment, I’ll still work on my short stories, but I promise to avoid getting emotionally worked-up about them, and in regards to future WordPress content, I don’t wanna reveal too much right now, but I do have plans for October 2018 that I hope to announce whenever I can. Until then, thank you all for your patience concerning this WordPress Blog.

My New Reviews for February 2018

Hello everyone. A lot has been going in my life to where I sadly haven’t been able to make anymore reviews for this WordPress Blog. However, thanks to good luck being on my side this month, I have been able to finally make some reviews to have featured on this blog for 2018. I must mention however, because of me being very busy and distracted with other things, I have decided that it is for the best that these reviews get published on this blog until next month. So with that said, here are the reviews that will be on the Supreme Writer Studios WordPress Blog next month in February (as well as the specific dates that they will be on this blog in February 2018).

Trollhunter Part 2 Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/9/2018

Bright Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/11/2018

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/16/2018

The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/18/2018

Niobe: She is Life Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/26/2018

Dusu: Path of The Ancient Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/28/2018

I want to say right now that because of me not knowing what will be going on in these upcoming dates this year, there might be a sad chance that these reviews will not be published on this WordPress Blog on their planned dates if something gets in the way of that. However, I promise to make sure to post an update regarding that on my Social Media pages so that you are all informed about it.

Please be sure to check out and follow me on Facebook, DeviantArt, Twitter, and Instagram if you would like to.

My Major Update For You All

To all of those who don’t follow me on Social Media, a lot has happened to me recently such as me turning 21 Years Old, and me starting my new year of College. Because of this, I sadly haven’t had the time to make new reviews, or work on more of my writing. However, I certainly promise to you all that I’ll still do the best I can, and once I’ve finished all the chapters for my very first book, I’ll make a schedule list on this website for all you to see that name of the book, and when all the chapters will be published on the internet for you to read. But until then, please be patient.