Greek Mythology Entertainment Month Announcement

For next month in October 2018 as part of this year’s Halloween, I will have eight new reviews for stuff within entertainment that is related to my favorite kind of mythology; Greek Mythology. Here is the list of the reviews and when they will be specifically published on WordPress to be shared.

Kill The Minotaur Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/5/2018

Minotaur Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/6/2018

Immortals Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/7/2018

Immortals Gods And Heroes Graphic Novel Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/19/2018

Jason And The Argonauts Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/20/2018

Disney’s Hercules Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/21/2018

Troy The Odyssey Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/26/2018

Clash Of The Titans (1981) Review by Eugene Alejandro-10/28/2018

Now I must mention that because of me not fully knowing what will happen on these days, there may be times in which I will have to published some of these reviews on different dates. If that happens, I promise to make sure that anyone who is paying attention to this is fully aware about that. I just hope it doesn’t occur as I’ve worked very hard to make all of these reviews for one month.

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