Kung Fury Review by Eugene Alejandro

Kung Fury (directed and written by David Sandberg) is a short film that is a brilliant homage to movies made during the 1980’s that any fan of that decade of cinema with love with a passion.

Kung Fury’s plot is about a detective from Miami literally named Kung Fury who has been given kung fu powers from a strike of lighting and a bite of a cobra, and is determined to use his kung fu powers for good and stop Adolf Hitler (who is called the Kung Fuhrer in this movie) from killing him in order to obtain his powers by time traveling to Nazi Germany and killing Hitler before then. With the help of Kung Fury’s allies Hacker-Man, Thor (not the Marvel one), Triceracop, Barbarianna, and Katana, he will be able to sucessfully stop Hitlers evil plan, and save the world.

The reason why Kung Fury is an awesome film is because it contains all the elements it needs in order to be a phenomenal homage to 1980’s movies without it feeling rushed and forced, and it’s all thanks to David Sandberg’s top notch directing and writing.

The acting from all the actors and actresses (including David Sandberg himself) in this movie show how good their acting talent is, and why they need to be casted in more roles from now on.

Despite the short film’s low budget of only $630,019, the movie manages to look professionally made, and shows how much effort went into making it (which is a very good thing).

In conclusion, If your a fan of 1980’s movies and want to watch a short film that fabulously homages that decade of movie making, Kung Fury is for you.

I give Kung Fury 5/5 Stars, and 2 Thumbs Up.