Dusu: Path of The Ancient Review by Eugene Alejandro

The Dusu: Path of the Ancient Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover is a collection of the the four issue mini series published by Stranger Comic’s Asunda imprint that I got as an extra reward for backing the Kickstarter for the Niobe: She is Life Kickstarter (which in case you don’t already know, I have made a review for Niobe: She is Life already).

Dusu: Path of the Ancient is written by Sebastian A. Jones and Christopher Garner, illustrated by James C Webster who does most of the art while Darrell May once again serves as the layout artist like he did for The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, and Niobe: She is Life. The lettering is also done by A Larger World Studios (coming back from their previous work on Niobe: She is Life).

The story in Dusu: Path of the Ancient is about a human male who is raised by a native tribe of Elves. Although he is member of the tribe, he is mostly looked down upon by some of the other members because of the fact that he’s a human. Despite this, get is gifted with powers that allow to literally unleash his inner animal which he will have to use in order to stop a very evil and powerful man who also has spiritual powers (this review is spoiler free, so I won’t reveal too much details about the plot).

The world building for the Asunda Universe continues to get even better thanks the incredible writing in Dusu: Path of the Ancient. Sebastian A. Jones truly has created a unique and fascinating fictional world since he knows how you write good stories about them. This story works well as a four part mini as the sets up the characters very well, builds the conflict, and ends everything on a good note. Although I will say that I found the ending a bit confusing.

Of all the Asunda Titles from Stranger Comics that I have read so far, the artwork in Dusu: Path of the Ancient is in my opinion the most beautiful looking comic of them all, and that is thanks to the painted art style of James C. Webster. Now I will be honest and admit that there are some panels in which the artwork looks a bit smudged, but the rest of art in my opinion is fantastic to look at.

The different styles of lettering in this comic are also very good. I honestly can’t say too much about it, but what I will say that the way the lettering looks is that reading this comic will be very easy thanks to it.

As with the Niobe: She is Life hardcover, this hardcover comes with at least two bonus stories as well at the end with one of them being an entire first issue of Erathune, as well as a random Tales of Asunda story afterwords. This hardcover collection also has a gallery of cover art, sketches, etc at the end.

While I can only recommend Dusu: Path of the Ancient who older readers because of the mature content featured in it, it is still worth reading as it serves as another good reason as to why the Asunda Universe deserves a lot of attention within the comics industry.

I give Dusu: Path of the Ancient 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


Niobe: She is Life Review by Eugene Alejandro

Niobe: She is Life is a four issue comic book mini series written by Sebastian A. Jones & Amandla Stenberg, illustrated by Ashley A. Woods & Darrell May, and lettered by A Larger World Studios. It is part of the Asunda Universe, thus it is published by Stranger Comics under the Asunda imprint.

For my review of this comic, I will be reviewing the hardcover collection of it because I got it as a reward for backing the official Kickstarter for it. Also because of that, I also got the hardcover collection for Dusu: Path of the Ancient as a bonus reward which I will also write a review for as well.

Niob: She is Lief tells the story of the human elf hybrid from The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer named Niobe who is trying to escape from her father’s army, and ends up encountering a dwarf who leads a group of pure-blood elves, and even has one of its members being a human-orc hybrid. With nowhere else to go, she decides to stay with them for a bit and get to know much more on as to who they all are.

Before I can begin talking about this comic, one detail that I forgot to mention in my review for The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer is that Stranger Comic’s Asunda titles are NOT for children as they contain mature readers content such as gore and nudity. So I greatly apologize for leaving that fact out before, and I promise that in this as well as in my future reviews for Stranger Comic’s Asunda comics is that I’ll be sure to mention that from now on so that the people reading these reviews can be informed about that fact. With that out of the way, on to the review.

While Niobe: She is Life is a much shorter story than The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer because of it being only 4 issues long (while the previous Asunda comic that I just mentioned is 7 issues long), the writing by both Sebastian, and Amanda is still very excellent as the plot moves at a good pace, and adds enough development to the characters in order for the reader to like them, and know who they are. Without going into spoilers, I especially loved the final climax in this comic as it does a very good job at ending this story.

Ashley A. Woods’s artwork in this comic has a very typical penciled and inked look that readers would most see in a typical comic book, but the art in Niobe: She is Life is very amazing to look at thanks to the incredible amount of detail Ashley puts into the character designs, the backgrounds, and the creature designs. Darrell May’s layout work is still as good as it was in The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer as well.

While I sadly have not known of A Larger World Studios as this is the first comic that I read featuring their lettering work (I hope I am right about that though), their lettering is still something that I would call professional because the speech bubbles and text are very easy to look at, and even the white text that is meant to be narration is also easy to see, and surprisingly fits the backgrounds just fine.

Now as I have stated in the beginning, Niobe: She is Life is not a comic a kid should be reading due to the amounts of blood featured in it. Now while its true that the level of mature content is a little more tame compared to The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, I would still prefer it if only people 18 years or older read this comic just to be safe.

At the end of the main story, this hardcover collection for Niobe: She is Life features a one-shot bonus story called Morka Moa which is written by both Sebastian A. Jones & Darrell May, and its even fully drawn by Darrell May himself. There is also a short preview for the next Niobe story; Niobe: She is Death (which I would love to review whenever I read the hardcover edition of it whenever possible).

Besides those two extra stories in this hardcover collection, the rest of the extra and bonus material features concept art, variant covers, sketches, etc, and they are definitely worth looking at after reading this comic.

So with all said and done, Niobe: She is Life is a great addition to the Asunda Universe, and I can totally recommend it to anybody who wants to read a high and epic fantasy indie comic.

I give Niobe: She is Life 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.

The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer Review by Eugene Alejandro

The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer is the both the first The Untamed comic book story arc, as well as the very first comic published by Stranger Comics for their Asunda Universe imprint. It is written and created by Sebastian A. Jones, illustrated by both Peter Bergting and Darrell May, and lettered by both Joshua Cozine and Troy Peteri.

Before I start this review, I should quickly mention the fact that I am only reviewing the hardcover collection of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer only because that is how I read it. Also, this (along with my other reviews for Stranger Comic’s Asunda Universe titles) will be a spoiler free review.

The plot of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer is about a man who is sent back into the real-world after dying in order to collect seven souls in exactly seven days. While on this mission, he encounters a human-elf hybrid named Niobe (with this comic being her very first appearance as she also appears in other comic books in the Asunda Universe from Stranger Comics) who ends up becoming his ally on his quest.

Before I start saying how I personally felt about The Untamed: Sinner’s Prayer, please allow me to quickly talk about the Asunda Universe for just a bit since I’ve mentioned at the very start of this review. The Asunda Universe is an imprint from Stranger Comics that publishes comic books and graphic novels that are all connected in the fictional world of Asunda. Asunda is a world in the fantasy genre where humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and other typical and even original fantasy races exist. This fictional comics universe was created by Sebastian A. Jones, and (as already stated) is published by Stranger Comics.

For the very first comic that’s part of the Asunda Universe (as well as the publishing imprint its named after), The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer is a good beginning and introduction to the fictional world its a part of thanks to a lot of the qualities it has that are required to make a good comic.

For starters, the writing by Sebastian A. Jones is very good as the story is very easy to understand and pay attention to, and all the characters are written with a strong amount of development to them. While there isn’t too much world building in this comic, what is presented here does at least help the reader understand what goes on in the world of Asunda.

The artwork in The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer by Peter Bergting, and Darrell May fits this comic very well thanks to how awesome Peter’s illustrations are as he truly knows how to draw emotional and thrilling panels in this comic. This is also helped by Darrell May’s layout designs as without his contribution, the art wouldn’t be as good as it is now.

Joshua Cozine, and Troy Peteri’s lettering in this comic looks excellent as it is very easy to look at and understand all the dialogue spoken by the characters. The speech bubbles are presented in a very clear fashion, and the rest of the overall lettering is easy to follow.

Since I am reviewing the hardcover collection of The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, I want to quickly talk about all the special bonus content featured at the end of the book. I don’t wanna spoil any specifics as to what they are, but what I will say is that if your the kind of reader who wants to see some extra content after reading like I do, then I highly recommend buying this comic in the hardcover collection format because what is presented at the end of it is really interesting and totally worth taking a look at.

So in conclusion, The Untamed A Sinner’s Prayer is without a doubt a solid beginning and introduction to the Asunda Universe, and I look forward to reading the next The Untamed comic whenever I can.

I give The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.

Kickstarter Comic Book Promo: Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars

An independent comic book publisher known as Stranger Comics has gotten the rights to make an official comic book adaptation of the Vampire Hunter D short story Message from Cecile titled Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars that is currently being funded on Kickstarter with only 29 days left before it ends. For those that don’t know, Vampire Hunter D is a Japanese novel series created by Hideyuki Kikuchi (the writer) and Yoshitaka Amano (the illustrator) that’s about a human/vampire hyrbid hunter named D with the setting taking place in a post-apocalyptic future. Vampire Hunter D is very popular with there currently being 30 novels of the main series, two anime film adaptations, a video game, a manga adaptation, an upcoming animated series, and a rumored live action motion picture. Stranger Comics has set up a Kickstarter campaign as a means to afford the budget to get their comic book adaptation in the Vampire Hunter D franchise published. Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars will be written by Brandon Easton, and illustrated by Michael Broussard. If you want to know about the publisher Stranger Comics, here is the link to their official website.

Here is the link to the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Kickstarter campaign so that you can help make this comic come to life:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1951067948/vampire-hunter-d-message-from-mars