Blogging Site Name Change, and Twitter Page Announcement (Fully Updated)

UPDATE #1: Because of the issue of Twitter’s Verification Code process, my official Twitter page will be created on 2/12/2017 instead.

UPDATE #2: I am having more trouble verifying my Twitter account. Because of this, I’ll try to verify my account on 12/17/2017. If I’m unable to, I’ll just give up in trying to make my Twitter page.

UPDATE #3: I have finally and successfully verified my Twitter account. Here is the link to it:

Two things are going to happen in February 2017. The first is that the name of this WordPress blog will be changed from The Grand Writer, to Supreme Writer Studios. The name change will occur on 2/3/2017. And also, the Facebook page that is dedicated this Blog will also be changed to Supreme Writer Studios-The Official Facebook page on that same date as well. On 2/11/2017, I will finally launch my Twitter page. After these happen, I will go on a brief hiatus from making any new blogs for this website because I will way too busy and focused on other things. When I’m able to have enough time to make more blogs, I’ll make another announcement letting everyone know about it. I am truly and forever grateful to all the people who have continued to support this Blogging Site that I created with WordPress, and I’m also thankful to the people who helped me create it. Thank you all.


Trollhunters Part 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

In Memory of Anton Yelchin (1989-2016)

Before I start my review of Trollhunters Part 1, I really want to clarify that I have not read the show is adapted from. So this review for Trollhunters Part 1 will only be me reviewing it as just a show. I also want to mention that Trollhunters Part 1 is a Netflix Original Show, so the only way you can watch it is by subscribing to Netflix. With all that said, on to the review.

Trollhunters Part 1 is an animated series from Dreamworks, and is created by Guillermo del Toro. The plot is about a young boy named Jim (voiced by Anton Yelchin) who is chosen to be the very first human “Trollhunter” a task that has protect good Trolls against evil Trolls. There is much more to the story than what I just said, but I don’t wanna say it because that would just be me spoiling the entire show (which is that I don’t want to do).

For a show that is 26 episodes long, it mangages to work very well with that pace thanks to the wonderful and clever writing it has. When it has be serious, it works. When it’s trying to be light-hearted in some moments, it works as well. Top it all off with a cast of characters that are very well-written, and well-developed.

The animation is really spectacular and solid, and surprisingly looks a little bit theatrical (must be because a lot of money was put into the animation). The animation regarding the character’s movements is also very well done and helps the characters look alive. The backgrounds are also great to look at.

The voice acting in Trollhunters Part 1 is very good and it helps the characters feel very alive. Anton Yelchin also did a very good job in voicing a 15-16 year old male character as he sounds very confincing as a character of those ages. The rest of the voice actors also do well with their performances.

I WILL NOT spoil how the entire show ends, but let me just say it the ending really does demand that Part 2 get made already.

As a show, Trollhunters Part 1 succeeds in being both entertaining for children and adults, and I easily recommend it to anyone who is currently subscribed to Netflix.

I give Trollhunters Part 1 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.

Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman Review by Eugene Alejandro

Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman is a science fiction comic created by Joshua Henaman and Andy Taylor, and was originally a self-published comic until being picked up by Action Lab Entertainment (which I am reviewing their trade paperback collection of just to clarify).

The Story of Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman is that an actual Bigfoot has been summoned to Mars in order to save the people from genocide and tyranny, and Bigfoot ends up going through a long journey with other characters he meets. There’s more to the story than what I just explained, but I feel that it is best not to say it because I don’t wanna spoil the story for people who haven’t read it yet.

The writing for Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman by Joshua Henaman surprisingly moves at a very quick pace despite being a 6 issue mini series, which isn’t a bad thing, but I was expecting it to move a little slower, but for what it was, I was still able to understand the story very well. As far as the character development goes and how the story ends, it’s obvious that there is going to be another story after this one, but for how this one sets up the world and characters, it does a solid job at that.

The artwork by Andy Taylor is quite good for what it is and how it looks, and fits the tone of the plot well. The design of the characters and environments also look nice.

So in conclusion, Bigfoot of The Earthman is an interesting comic with a good and unique idea that I recommend giving a read.

I give Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman Two Thumbs Up, and 4/5 Stars.