Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One Review by Eugene Alejandro

Disclaimer: This is a review of Image Comic’s print release of Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One. The review for this book (as well as the reviews for future books) are not of the original web comic versions.

Kill 6 Billion Demons is about a post-grad teenage girl named Allison Ruth who ends up being taken to a mysterious strange world along with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend end up getting separated from each other, and it’s now up to Allison to find her boyfriend with the help of her new strange looking allies she meets while in the bizarre world of Throne (Allison also ends getting imbued with an ancient power while she ends being sent to Throne).

The best way I can describe Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One is that while it is very strange and bizarre, it is one of the most amazing and creative comics I have ever read thanks to its brilliant writing and outstanding artwork by its creator Tom Parkinson-Morgan.

Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One does a very good job at setting up all the characters, the setting the story takes place in, and the series’s tone. The story in Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One also moves at a fast pace, but never to the point where it feels very rushed. These aspects of the writing in Kill 6 Billion Demons prove that Tom Parkinson-Morgan is a very gifted writer (as well as a very gifted creator).

Tom’s artwork in Kill 6 Billion Demons is some of the greatest artwork I’ve ever seen in a creator-owned and independent comic. The characters have very unique and original designs to them, and the backgrounds have such amazing detail for the reader to see. The coloring also helps show how good the art is as it fits the style of the art very well.

I want to talk about the lettering in Kill 6 Billion Demons for just a bit. Kill 6 Billion Demon’s lettering is very unique as each characters dialogue has his and her own way of how the letters for their dialogue look in order to show how different they speak (which helps the reader understand how each character is different from the other very well).

In conclusion, Tom Parkinson-Morgan’s Kill 6 Billion Demons is without a doubt one of the greatest, most original, and very creative comic books of all time, and Book One of it is the best place to start reading it. Please spend your time and money on this amazing work of comic book literature.

I give Kill 6 Billion Demons Book One 5/5 Stars, and 2 Thumbs Up.


R.R.H. Volume 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

R.R.H. is a comic book series published by Devil’s Due/1First Comics, and is written and created by Orlando Harding, and illustrated by Andres Esparza.

The series is about one of the many descendants of The Little Red Riding Hood named Sydney Woodman who ends up getting kidnapped by a werewolf, saved by an Ogre, and finds out that it is her destiny to slay werewolves just like her ancestors have done.

What makes Orlando Harding’s R.R.H. different from most re-tellings of The Little Red Riding Hood, is that while it does re-tell the fairy tail as a typical monster slaying story, there are a lot of twists and turns that help make it fresh. With R.R.H. Volume 1 being the very first story arc in the series, it does a great job at setting up the world, characters, and tone thanks to the spectacular writing by Orlando Harding.

The artwork by Andres Esparza has a very good amount of detail when it comes to how the characters and backgrounds look, and that is also helped by Steve Cobb’s awesome coloring he provides over Andres Esparza’s lineart. The action scenes that are featured in the story of R.R.H. Volume 1 are illustrated very well, and help support the dark and violent tone that the rest of R.R.H. has to offer (this series is very gory at times by the way).

I will not spoil the ending of R.R.H. Volume 1, but will at least say that it does a solid job of setting up R.R.H. Volume 2 for sure.

So if you are interested in reading an independent and creator-owned comic book series that does a very good job at re-telling The Little Red Riding Hood story, then please read Orlando Harding and Andres Esparza’s R.R.H. from Devil’s Due/1First Comics by starting with Volume 1 of course.

I give R.R.H. Volume 1 Two Thumbs Up, and 4/5 Stars.