Dragon Age: Redemption Review by Eugene Alejandro

The story in Dragon Age: Redemption is about a female elf named Tallis (also called Athlok, and is played by Felicia Day) who is given a mission by the group she serves called the Qun (ruled by a race of tall horned humanoids called Qunari) in which she must capture and bring back a rebel Qunari mage (played by Doug Jones). While on her journey, she comes across a Templar (soldier of The Chantry) named Cairin (played by Adam Rayner) who is also hunting down the Qunari mage, but wants to bring him to The Chantry. Tallis also meets a Dalish elf mage named Josmael (played by Masam Holden) who wants to join her and Cairin in finding the Qunari mage so that he save his soon-to-be wife Fina (she was kidnapped by the mage and his gang, and is played by Marissa Cuevas). There’s more in the story than what I just told, but I feel it’s best that I just made a small summary of it so that I don’t spoil it.

The best way that I can describe Dragon Age: Redemption is that it’s a fun web series that fans of the Dragon Age franchise will enjoy thanks to its clever and witty writing, great performances from the entire cast, and outstanding practical effects that show that is was made with effort, care, and passion.

Not only does Felicia Day star in this, but she also created and wrote it (the director is Peter Winther), and she’s proven herself to very talented as her acting is great, and the way the story is written also helps the fact that she’s a good storyteller. The lighthearted tone also fits well, and is never a distraction from the serious moments (which is surprising since Dragon Age is known for having a dark and mature tone to it).

The special effects in Dragon Age: Redemption are phenomenal to look at (especially the practical effects). The makeup on the Qunari is top-notch as they look very real. The only not good effects are the blood as it’s obviously made from computer graphics and doesn’t look convincing.

Another thing I want to say is that despite Dragon Age: Redemption being a six episode web series with each episode being around 9 to 10 minutes long, the pacing is very solid and never feels rushed (which is always a good thing), and the character development is very good.

Dragon Age: Redemption is an entertaining web series that should never be ignored as it has great characters, good production values, and clever writing. The whole show is available to watch on YouTube for free.

I give Dragon Age: Redemption 4/5 Stars, and 2 Thumbs Up.