My New Reviews for February 2018

Hello everyone. A lot has been going in my life to where I sadly haven’t been able to make anymore reviews for this WordPress Blog. However, thanks to good luck being on my side this month, I have been able to finally make some reviews to have featured on this blog for 2018. I must mention however, because of me being very busy and distracted with other things, I have decided that it is for the best that these reviews get published on this blog until next month. So with that said, here are the reviews that will be on the Supreme Writer Studios WordPress Blog next month in February (as well as the specific dates that they will be on this blog in February 2018).

Trollhunter Part 2 Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/9/2018

Bright Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/11/2018

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/16/2018

The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/18/2018

Niobe: She is Life Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/26/2018

Dusu: Path of The Ancient Review by Eugene Alejandro-2/28/2018

I want to say right now that because of me not knowing what will be going on in these upcoming dates this year, there might be a sad chance that these reviews will not be published on this WordPress Blog on their planned dates if something gets in the way of that. However, I promise to make sure to post an update regarding that on my Social Media pages so that you are all informed about it.

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