What’s been going on for me, and what will happen with Supreme Writer Studios, and Booksie.

Hello everybody. By now, you should already be fully aware that I haven’t been doing much with the Supreme Writer Studios blog, as well as my official Booksie page this year. To explain to the best of my ability without going into too much personal detail, it is because too much is going on in my life regarding the real world that’s been affecting my physical health, and mental health for various reasons.

As I already stated, I want to avoid going into more details about this, but I still hope you can all understand that I’m still going to try the best that I can to keep both my Booksie page, and this blog updated no matter what. I cannot make any promises, but thank you all in advance for understanding my situation.

Before I forget to mention as well, another reason for my lack of Booksie publishing lately is because I have been working on my five issue comic book mini series based on the real-life historical figures known as Yasuke. I prefer to avoid speaking of the details here, but just that the progress of the script making has been going slow, but I am doing whatever I can to write it without getting too stressed out about it.


The State Of This WordPress Blog

Hello everybody. To anyone who has been following me on Social Media should be aware that I have been going through a lot in my life, especially in regards to what I currently have available to read for free on my Booksie page (https://www.booksie.com/users/eugene-alejandro-253916), as well as the state of my mental health due to my Autism/Asperger Syndrome.

Just to fully clarify right now, all is currently going well for me at the moment. It’s just that I feel it’s best to explain what is going to happen with this WordPress Blog since I haven’t been posting a lot on it. So first is that even though it’s still going to be active, I won’t have too much time to post on it as I want to focus on writing some scripts for my self-published novellas, novels, comics, and graphic novels in order to get my future career started at a young age.

Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t have any interest in making more wordpress blogs to share as I do in fact still have interest in doing such, but please try to understand that there’s going to be a lot going on in my life that is going to prevent me from being very active on this website.

However, I am (and always will be) still grateful for the support that I get in regards to views on this Blog. Whenever I can have the time to make more blogs, I promise to let you all know. Until then, please be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Instagram for updates.

Godzilla’s Revenge Review by Eugene Alejandro

Godzilla’s Revenge (also called All Monsters Attack in Japanese) is a 1969 Tokusatsu Kaiju film directed by Ishiro Honda, and released by Toho. The movie is about a young boy who is struggling with bullying problems, and has imaginations of meeting Godzilla’s son; Minya (or Minilla depending on the translation) in which Gabara is also present, and causes havoc towards Godzilla’s son. There is a whole lot more than what I just mentioned, but I prefer not to say as this is indeed going to be a very long review, and I have other things I want to say about Godzilla’s Revenge.

Now before anyone asks me, I am 100% fully aware that I’m reviewing a 1960s movie in 2019. But since Godzilla: King of The Monsters comes out in the USA next month (May 31st, 2019 to be specific), I feel that it is best to fully express my honest opinions towards the critically panned entry in the Godzilla franchise known famously as Godzilla’s Revenge. As a quick disclaimer, this movie review will NOT have any impact on my interest in Godzilla: King of The Monsters in the slightest.

To get this out of the way, while I can fully understand why so many fans of the Godzilla series hate this movie as I do in fact agree that it isn’t a good movie whatsover at all, I really don’t think the film is truly awful as I have seen other movies in general that are actually way worse than Godzilla’s Revenge. So for this review, I want to go into elaborative detail as to what I liked, and didn’t like about Godzilla’s Revenge. In no way am I defending this film as even though I’m a hardcore Godzilla fan myself, I personally believe this movie is very flawed, but I don’t have any true hatred for it as like I stated, there are other bad movies I’ve seen that are much more awful.

In order to bring up the positives for the start of this review, the movie is very ambitious regarding it’s message of why bullying is bad and how to stand up to it in the same way that Martin Scorsese’s Silence had a strong and powerful message about religion and faith, and how Dragon Ball Super: Broly was truly about teaming up and working together to overcome a major problem. The effects for the most part are actually pretty good as well considering the film’s low budget (at least I believe it’s low budget to my best of knowledge), and the final battle between Godzilla, Minya, and Gabara was also a pretty cool scene. The Japanese acting is also solid, and way better than the English Dub version of this movie.

With the positives mentioned, it’s now time for me to talk about the negatives as there is actually a lot that really do hurt the overall quality of this film, and why I see the reasons for so many other Godzilla fans truly hating on this movie. The most obvious is the blatant and overuse of stock footage seen throughout Godzilla’s Revenge as when Minya is showing the little boy Godzilla fighting other giant monsters, the scenes are clearly re-used footage from past Godzilla movies (the most notable are scenes from Son of Godzilla, and Ebirah: Horror of the Deep). For a major studio such as Toho to do something cheap like this is really confusing, and makes you question the reality of this movie’s making. Another major negative in Godzilla’s Revenge is that the anti-bullying message isn’t executed very well at all, and I wish more time was given to edit and revise the script so that the message can be shown in the movie much better as I do give credit for the movie in trying to include it, but again, I just felt it was handled poorly (which is really unfortunate if you ask me). The film’s soundtrack was truly forgettable, and while that may sound biased considering the fact that the legendary Akira Ifukube wasn’t involved with his film whatsoever, I just really felt that the music and score for this movie could’ve at least been better.

So in the end, I can agree to an extant with a majority of the Godzilla fan community as to why Godzilla’s Revenge is a terrible movie, but at the same time, I can’t bring myself to fully hate on this movie as it did try to show children a good message (even though it wasn’t handled very well), and while it is a “kids movie”, that really doesn’t make it an awful film as even though I am 22 years old at the time of me writing this review, I still enjoy watching Children’s Films like Kubo and the Two Strings, Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Monster’s Inc, Ghost in the Shell from 1995, The Shape of Water, and the Deadpool movies starring Ryan Reynolds. So overall, I’m not someone to fully hate on Godzilla’s Revenge as even though I can see a lot of it’s flaws, it isn’t one of the worse movies I’ve ever seen.

I give Godzilla’s Revenge… 1 out of 5 Stars and Two Thumbs Down. Happy April Fool’s day of 2019 everybody!

Short Stories Schedule For Next Month

Happy Valentines Day of 2019 everybody! Even though I did say a long time ago that I was going to self-publish some short stories on my Booksie page for this February, I have sadly gotten way too overwhelemed and distracted by other things to where I feel it is better to wait until next month (March 2019) to self-publish them instead. I hope everybody is going to be okay with this, and here is a quick release date schedule about what short stories I will have on my Booksie page, as well as when they are specifically available to read for next month.

-Arcadian Lord Lycaon (3/9/2019)

-The Demon Of Minos (3/16/2019)

-Gevaudan’s Monstrosity (3/23/2019)

Before I ever forget to say so, I must let everyone reading this know that it could be possible that I may not be able to upload these three short stories due to various reasons that may happen next month. I promise to keep you all updated if such things happen though, but I will always be grateful knowing that plenty of people will read my short stories regardless.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review by Eugene Alejandro

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a 2018 Japanese animated feature film by Toei Animation, and was made into an English Dub by Funimation Films (which is the version I’m reviewing by the way), and was distributed theatrically for an official USA release by 20th Century Fox for the year; 2019 (January 16th, 2019 to be more specific). The movie’s screenplay (or script however you’d like to call it) is also written by the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise; Akira Toriyama (thus making this entire movie canon to the whole franchise).

The primary plot of the film without going into any spoilers is that after Universe 7 won the tournament of power seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime TV series and manga (that’s not a spoiler by the way as even a lot of the official marketing and advertising for the film explained this even before it come out in theaters), Frieza (who participated in the tournament of power, and was brought back to life as a reward), still wants revenge against Goku and Vegeta, so he ends up discovering two lost surviving Saiyans named Paragus, and Broly (who this movie is named after) thanks to some of his own troops finding them on a deserted planet.

With Broly’s immense power, Frieza now decides take advantage of the opportunity to use Broly in order to have him kill both Goku, and Vegeta, but perhaps there is a whole lot more to Broly’s power than anyone else can even realize.

Before I begin explaining my thoughts on the film in great detail, I must also point out that there is also another story that happens in the movie that while it does a very good job at connecting to the rest of the movie (as well as the main franchise’s continuity), I prefer to not to say too much about it for this review as I really do want people to see Dragon Ball Super: Broly without it being ruined, and I will explain why I say such.

I usually like to start with positive aspects, but for this review, I prefer to start it off with some minor nitpicks worth mentioning since I did notice them when seeing this movie in a big screen theater, and they thankfully don’t contain spoilers.

The first is that while the movie does acknowledge the fact it takes place after the Universal Survival Saga, I felt the movie didn’t explain that too well as it mostly came off as a short mention, which isn’t a bad thing, but for those watching the film that have never seen that story arc in Dragon Ball Super, a lot of confusion is bound to occur.

The second nitpick is that since this movie does have a slightly different art style to its animation, while it is indeed good to look at for a theatrically-released film, I wasn’t really too impressed with how the character of Beerus looked since I felt that in some scenes, this face looked like that of a Dog’s as opposed to a cat. But again, it’s only a nitpick as opposed to a major part of the film.

Now on to the positives since there are indeed lots of them I want to talk about for this review. As I already mentioned, the animation and the art style presented in Dragon Ball Super: Broly are great to look at, and truly show the amount of money, effort, and passion that was put into it looking nice (despite my nitpick about Beerus’s new design). One thing to mention about the animation before I forget is that there are small moments where CGI (Computer-Generated-Images) is used for some scenes, and they surprisingly look ever good and never detract from the hand-drawn animation.

The fights scenes were simply epic and really help add to the martial arts feel the series is most well-known for thanks to them being very fast-paced, but never in a way they were hard to follow.

The English Dub provided by Funimation Films was done very well with each voice actor displaying a good voice performance, and each of the voices matching the respective characters very well. At the time of me making this review, I haven’t seen this movie in Japanese with English subtitles yet, so I sadly cannot say if the original Japanese voice acting was also good, nor can I also compare it to the English Dub. But from what I’ve seen, the English Dub is still very good to hear.

The soundtrack provided by Norihito Sumitomo in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is extremely energetic for all the right reasons, and fits a martial arts sci fi action movie such as this very well.

As for the overall story concerning the main plot of the film (and just the whole movie in general), it isn’t anything way too unique for those unfamiliar with Dragon Ball, but the story is indeed a fun joyride to those who are fans of Dragon Ball as it contains all the ingredients necessary to make a fun Dragon Ball movie (there are also a lot of fun little “Easter Eggs” present in the film).

Dragon Ball Super: Broly may only appeal to hardcore Dragon Ball fans in the sense that it does require lots of knowledge about the franchise to fully (and truly) appreciate it, but it is still a very fun and entertaining film that I had the honor to watch in a big screen American cinema, and I can most certainly recommend it to Dragon Ball fans since it is also canon to the franchise.

I give Dragon Ball Super: Broly Two Thumbs Up, and 5/5 Stars.

My New Facebook Page For 2019

In January 8th, 2019, I will have a brand new Facebook page simply titled “Eugene Alejandro”, which is going to be dedicated to all of my story writing that I am currently self-publishing on Booksie. In regards to sharing my Booksie material on this Facebook page, it’ll be made very easy since Facebook pages allow the creators and owners to schedule posts on specific dates and times. When the “Eugene Alejandro” Facebook page is finally made, I promise to post a schedule about when each chapter of Omukade will be shared on the page for other people to see. Until then though, thank you all for helping me achieve my dreams and goals before 2018 ends, and I also promise to post more updates about my upcoming new Facebook page if possible on Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt. Also, anything regarding my future work that relates to comic book and novel writing will keep on happening in 2019, and I’ll be sure you will all be updated about such if possible. If you would like to, please check out the links listed down below.







My Official Twitter Page


Clash of The Titans (1981) Review by Eugene Alejandro

Disclaimer: For the sake of this review, I will NOT be comparing it to the 2010 remake as I only want to review the original 1981 version on its own.

Clash of The Titans from the 1981 is the very last movie that the legendary Ray Harryhausen worked on before retiring, and for this to be his last movie, it most certainly still leaves a good impression to this day as I’ll say right now that Clash of The Titans (1981) truly is a work of art.

Without (hopefully) going into spoilers, the original Clash of The Titans film is loosely based on the Perseus story, and is actually pretty faithful to it despite some changes and differences. With Ray Harryhausen working on this movie to help create the special effects using stop-motion, its obvious that the effects are going to be phenomenal and they truly are to the point that they still hold up even to this day thanks to the hard work Ray Harryhausen put into them.

The acting from the entire cast is also very good with each actor and actress giving in a wonderful performance. The soundtrack by Laurence Rosenthal is outstanding and fits the tone of this film very well. Another thing I should mention is that the film-makers did an excellent job at making the movie feel like it belongs in an ancient Greek setting.

All I can honestly say is that if you are a Ray Harryhausen fan, and wanna see how his last movie is like, look no further as 1981’s Clash of The Titans is most certainly a masterpiece of cinematic film-making at its finest.

I give Clash of The Titans 1981 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.