Kickstarter Comic Book Promo: Gears and Bones Volume 1 (Rebooted Version)

Guardian Knight Comics has re-launched their Kickstarter campaign for Gears and Bones Volume 1. This campaign now needs $5,000 in order to get printed. Gears and Bones is a fantasy comic created by Apple De La Fuente, written by Andrew P. Anderson, and has artwork by Osvaldo Montpeller. This crowdfunding campaign has 26 days left before it ends. Guardian Knight Comics is an independent comic book publisher that needs all the support they can get to have Gears and Bones Volume 1 finally happen. Please check out their website, please purchase their comics to read digitally on ComiXogoly, and please like their official facebook page. You can also buy Guardian Knight Comics’s titles on TFAW, and DriveThruComics.

Here is the link to the Gears and Bones Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign.


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