Cannons In The Clouds Review by Eugene Alejandro

Cannons in the Clouds is steampunk pirate story about a young woman named Sela Windbourne who wants to be free and independent from her own life, and ends up getting involved with pirates, and also ends being a part of a huge adventure with lots of action, twists and turns, etc.

Before I talk about anything else about Cannons in the Clouds, I first wanna talk about its artwork as I feel that for this review, it’s the most important part to bring up. While the artwork isn’t awful, I feel as it looks like rushed layouts as the characters, backgrounds, and everything else lacks any strong amount of detail to them. While the coloring is nice to look at, the highlights and shading on it tend to look too strong in some parts of the story, and can be very distracting.

As far as the writing and lettering in Cannons in the Clouds goes, it’s very solid, and helps make the story an enjoyable read. The characters have a solid amount of good writing and development to them, and some of the humorous moments also help the plot flow well. I DO NOT wanna spoil Cannons in the Clouds, but what I will say is that it has a nice ending that hopefully sets up a sequel.

Cannons in the Cloud’s lettering is very easy to look at which is the good thing so that readers can fully understand the plot. I will admit however that since I read it from the ComiXology app on my cellphone, I did have to zoom in a but on some pages just to see the words the characters were saying. So I would mostly recommend reading Cannons in the Clouds in physical print edition so that you don’t have to worry about zooming in on the lettering.

While Cannons in the Clouds may not have the greatest artwork of all time in my opinion, the way its written certainly makes it a recommendation for those that wanna see a story that combines pirates and steampunk together.

I give Cannons in the Clouds 4/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


Lady Mechanika Volume 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

If you are a fan of Steampunk, please read the self-published comic book series created, written, and drawn by Joe Benitez known as Lady Mechanika. It’s a brilliant blend of action, mystery, supernatural, and of course Steampunk.

Lady Mechanika Volume 1 is a collection of issues #0-5, and is a good way to introduce comic book readers to the title character.

The main story in Lady Mechanika Volume 1 (issues #1-5) takes place in Victorian England in which Steampunk has become the dominant source of technology. A young girl from a gypsy family called Cirque Du Romani has been found dead and with mechanical experiments performed on her. Private Investigator Lady Mechanika decides to take on the case in the hopes of finding out who took and experimented on the gypsy girl as she believes the answer will help her discover who made her part machine as well.

Lady Mechanika #0 (The Demon of Satan’s Alley) is a stand-alone story that focuses on Lady Mechanika hunting down a small demon-like creator in Victorian England.

What makes Lady Mechanika a fun series is how much work and passion Joe Benitez put into both the writing and art of it as Lady Mechanika herself is an interesting and awesome character.

The main story of Lady Mechanika Volume 1 (The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse) is a good beginning story arc as it perfectly introduces readers to the character and world Joe Benitez created (the same can also be said about The Demon of Satan’s Alley).

Joe Benitez has managed to write and draw the series very well as his storytelling brilliantly combines multiple genres into one whole series, and his artwork is phenomenal to look at as he draws the characters, and anything Steampunk-related fabulously.

The coloring by Peter Steigerwald is some of the best comic book coloring I’ve ever seen for it’s very bright and colorful, and matches well with Joe Benitez’s artwork.

The only thing that I wasn’t too fond of is that this story can sometimes become too wordy (meaning that the speech bubbles will have too much text in them). Don’t get me wrong. Josh Reed’s lettering in this is really good, and I understood that Joe Benitez wanted the characters to have lots of dialogue in order to develop them. It’s just that I’m not used to reading comics in which the speech bubbles have loads and loads of text in them.

So in conclusion, if your a huge fan of the Steampunk genre that want’s to read a good comic with good art in that genre, Lady Mechanika Volume 1 (and the whole series in general) is what I recommend to you.

I give Lady Mechanika Volume 1 4/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.