Bleen Review by Eugene Alejandro

The story of Bleen is about a teenage girl literally named Bleen who is sent to a mental facility called Mayber Hills Sanitarium along with her pet rabbit Mr. Wiggles. When one of the employees (as well the other patients) of the facility start mistreating her (and even cause harm to Mr. Wiggles), the monsters that she has been seeing as a young kid (and the reason why she’s sent to the facility) start to come back and haunt her.

Bleen is created and written by Jon A. Colunga, with black and white artwork by Landon Huber, it is also lettered by both Jon A. Colunga and Landon Huber, and is published by Alterna Comics.

Right off the bat, Bleen definitely has a good set-up for a decent psychological horror story, and with all honesty, it works well for what it is. Bleen isn’t really anything groundbreaking for the horror genre, but it’s also not awful. The writing in my opinion is average at best for this story.

Landon Huber’s art is done in a black and white style, and it works fine for the tone of the story, the inking has a lot of impressive detail to it, but the way the characters are drawn sometimes feel a bit too cartoony for the story. I’m aware that for a horror like this that way to draw characters is suppose to work, but for me, it just felt out of place. I don’t hate the way the characters are drawn, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Again, the inking is spectacular and even the monsters are drawn well.

The lettering in Bleen is very well-done and easy to look at. It’s also impressive to know that both Jon and Landon did the lettering as there really isn’t a difference between the two of their lettering styles, and for a horror comic it looks great. The dialogue the characters speak is also good.

I don’t want to spoil the ending of Bleen at all, but I gotta say that the last chapter is very anti-climactic and rushed. I wasn’t expecting the best ending ever, but I did hope that it would’ve been better.

Overall, Bleen is an average comic in the horror genre with decent writing and decent artwork. The inking and lettering are really amazing for sure, and while I didn’t love the story, I didn’t hate it, and I wouldn’t mind checking it out for yourself.

I give Bleen 3/5 Stars.


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