Hero Quest: The Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro

Hero Quest: The Movie (also called A Warriors Tail, and Savva. Heart of the Warrior) is a Russian animated movie released around the years 2015 and 2016, and has the voice acting talents of Milla Jovovich, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, Jim Cummings, Joe Pesci, Geoffrey Cantor, Jason Harris, and Will Chase (at least for the English Dub of the movie which I am reviewing).

The story of Hero Quest is about a young boy named Savva who must save his mother and village from being sold as slaves to the Monkeys from beasts called Hyenas. On his journey, he meets the last white wolf named Angee, a baron type character named FAFL (who is cursed to have a mosquito on his shoulder all the time), a pink lemur-like creature named Puffy, and the daughter of a shaman named Nanty. Together, they all set out to find a magician for each of their own reasons, but must fight their way through the monkeys lead by the three-headed Mom JoZee.

Since I am reviewing an animated movie from Russia that was translated into English, I do want to talk about the quality of the English dubbing first. The English Dub in Hero Quest (for the most part) is really good thanks to the talented cast starring in it. Milla Jovovich especially did a great job providing the voice for the character of Savva who is male as she really does sound convincing as a male character. Whoopi Goldberg also did a good job voicing the character of Mom JoZee as she was able to combine the characters humorous and evil personalities together very well. The rest of the cast also do a solid job, except for Sharon Stone as Puffy. I say this because while she didn’t do a horrible voice acting job, it was still a weak performance because she didn’t even sound recognizable, and the voice she gave to the character was just annoying to me (the character in general is also annoying).

The movie’s computer animation is really solid. The backgrounds, some of the character designs, the movements are all done very well, and the lip-syncing animation for the English Dub perfectly matches what the characters are saying. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but a Dragon does show up in it, and the design of it as well the quality of it’s animation and how it moves is spectacular. There are some moments however when the animation isn’t all that good. For the most part, the human characters look a bit cartoonish for the film’s tone, and that’s pretty much the only weak part of the animation for me.

The movie’s music and soundtrack is another thing that I can praise to an extant in this movie as it instruments used to make the music are handled very well and help with the movies tone, and the two songs that play during the movie are sung great. The only part of the music and soundtrack that I didn’t like was the ending credits song. The ending credits song is a mix of pop and rap (at least of what I heard of it) which I found to be out of place for the movie. I know it’s just a credits song, but I still wanted to talk about it.

Now for the part of the movie that I didn’t like, and that is how the story flows sometimes. To elaborate, there are parts of the plot and feel very rushed, and sometimes whenever it would change to another scene, it would do it by fading to black as if it was a made-for-television movie that would go to commercial. The story itself isn’t horrible, but I felt that it needed to have been told a little bit better. Also, some scenes in the movie feel completely pointless and random (which doesn’t help the story at all).

After all that I have said about Hero Quest: The Movie, it is a harmless mediocre computer-animated fantasy movie that does have a solid cast who give good voice acting performances (except for Sharon Stone), decent looking animation, and good enough music and soundtrack score, and an average fantasy plot with some writing issues that aren’t too bad, but are still noticeable.

I give Hero Quest: The Movie 3/5 Stars.


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