Hex 11 Volume 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

Hex 11 takes place in a world in which both science fiction and fantasy exist as one thanks to the discovery of a energy source called “The Ether”. While the world seems perfect at first thanks to the rise of its age of magic, there exists a very urban area called “The Hex” where the people who live there are poor and second-class. The main character Elanor Kent, and a oracle she lives with named Vera live in “The Hex”. When Elanor is told by Vera to get her a scarf, she ends up stumbling across and getting involved with a fight between a magic user and a demon. After the fight, Elanor and the demon end up getting teleported back to Vera’s place, and it’s from this point in which the central story of Hex 11 Volume 1 begins.

Hex 11’s strongest (and noticeable) achievement is its phenomenal artwork by Lisa K. Weber (who is also the creator of Hex 11) for it perfectly fits the tone of the series, and allows the characters to have very unique designs. Samantha Carrasco’s coloring is fabulous as it makes Lisa K. Weber’s very bright and vibrate in a good way.

The writing by Kelly Sue Milano is excellent because the story moves at a great pace, all the characters in Hex 11 Volume 1 have good development to them, and the dialogue the characters speak is good. The ending of Volume 1 also does a solid job at leading into Volume 2. Another thing I want to mention about the writing is that there are a lot of very good plot twists in Hex 11 Volume 1 that’ll catch the readers off guard.

In conclusion, if your are in the mood to read an independent comic that blends fantasy and science fiction very well, has a good story with good writing, and contains outstanding and very colorful artwork, Hex 11 is for you.

I give Hex 11 Volume 1 5/5 stars, and 2 Thumbs Up.


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