Low Volume 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

Written by Rick Remender, drawn by Greg Tocchini, and published by Image Comics, Low is about mankind living in the ocean because the Earth’s sun has expanded so much, the surface has been uninhabitable. Low Volume 1 is specifically about the Caine family trying to use their technology to search for other planets in the hopes of helping mankind. However, while they do this, their ship get’s attacked by pirates, the father of the family (Johl Caine) gets killed, the two daughters get kidnapped, and the mother (Stel Caine) and the son (Marik Caine) are the only ones who survived the pirate attack and didn’t get kidnapped. Years later after the incident, Stel discovers where the man who killed her husband and kidnapped her daughters is (that man’s name is Roln), and decides that she and her son will go that location to save their remaining family, and get their revenge on Roln.

Low has a very unique and creative premise for a post-apocalyptic story, and Rick Remender’s writing helps with that as the world is explained enough so that the readers can understand it, and the characters are well-written and developed perfectly.

The artwork by Greg Tocchini is really interesting to look at as the way the characters, animals, and settings are illustrated don’t contradict with Low’s tone at all, and are also nice to look at.

There are some nitpicks with Low Volume 1 that want to mention. The first one being that not a lot of things are explained such as whenever Roln gets stabbed in the chest more than once, he survives as opposed to dying. I would have liked to see a reason for why that was the case. Another part of the story that has no explanation is that besides humans, there are what resembles a cross between humans and sea animals, and some of the animals look very alien-like as opposed to a normal sea animal on Earth (there is even what resembles a mix between a fish and a lion). I’m fully aware that Low is set in the future, but it still seemed weird to me to have that in the story just because (hopefully it all will be explained in Low Volume 2). The second nitpick of mine for Low Volume 1 is that I feel that it would’ve been even better had it only be a six issue mini series (Volume 1 collects Low issues 1-6) because the way the story is written prior to issue six (the first 5 issues to be specific) to me have the pacing of a mini series, and the way issue 6 ended felt as excuse for there to be more issues to this series, and should’ve just ended the whole story altogether (that is just my opinion).

Excluding my nitpicks, Low is an ongoing comic book series with very good writing and art, and is a solid addition to the post-apocalyptic genre. Low Volume 1 is also a very well-made first story arc.

I give Low Volume 1 2 Thumbs Up, and 4/5 Stars.


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