Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker Review by Eugene Alejandro

While I will admit that I haven’t played all the games in the Dragon Age franchise (I’ve only played Dragon Age: Inquisition), I have become every educated about its lore thanks to me reading about it on the Dragon Age Wiki. From what I have read, it’s a truly fascinating fantasy setting, and I can understand why it has become such a big video game franchise. With that said, with such a large video game series, it makes sense for there to be a movie based on it. What we got, was a animated film called Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker.

The plot in Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker is that a seeker (a special soldier that serves the religion titled The Chantry) named Cassandra Pentaghast has become involved in a conspiracy in which someone within The Chantry is secretly working with Blood Mages to use a young elf girl that has the power to control animals in order to control Dragons to destroy The Chantry. It is up to her, and a mage from The Circle of Magi named Regalyan D’Marcall (or Galyan for short) to investigate the conspiracy, and save The Chantry.

Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker has an interesting story and good voice acting, but it’s overshadowed by the very bland and semi-rushed looking computer animation in it to where it is an example of what I like to call substance over style.

What I mean about the animation is that while the backgrounds, landscapes, and dragons look fine, it is the animation for the characters that’s unappealing as the character models are not rendered well enough. The horses are even worse as they look like moving plastic figures.

As I said earlier about the story, it’s an interesting plot for sure, but it’s not one of the most original ideas of all time and can sometimes be predictable.

The movie’s voice acting (as I also said earlier) is good. I should also clarify that I’m actually reviewing the film’s English Dub which is done by Funimation (the movie was originally made in Japan). The voice actors do a spectacular job with the roles they are given, and all the voices matched the characters.

Overall, Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker is an average addition to the Dragon Age franchise that I wouldn’t mind giving any Dragon Age fan a watch. Just bear in mind about its unappealing cell-shaded animation.

I give Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker 3/5 Stars.


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