Godzilla 1954 Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro

Godzilla 1954 is movie that features that talents of Ishiro Honda (director and writer), Akira Ifukube (soundtrack), and Eiji Tsuburaya (special effects), and is the very first installment that started the entire Godzilla franchise (this review is also specifically of the original Japanese version).

The plot of this movie is that it is the year 1954, and a giant monster the people of Japan decide to call Godzilla appears from the depths of the ocean, and begins causing destruction to the city of Tokyo. It becomes proven that Godzilla was created as a result of nuclear testing, and the government of Japan tries to figure out how to destroy Godzilla, with one scientist having the answer, but too afraid to show as he believes it would inspire ever more dangers for the world.

As would expect with this film, it is a true masterpiece in the Kaiju genre for it has an engaging story, brilliant writing, and works as a very good allegory about the consequences of using nuclear weapons with the title character Godzilla being born as a result of nuclear weaponry.

While Godzilla doesn’t fight another giant monster in this film, and it takes a very long time of him to appear in it, what makes up for it is it’s cast of memorable characters, well-done drama, and the fact it doesn’t pander about it’s message about nuclear weaponry.

Akira Ifukube’s soundtrack is brilliant to hear, and helps with the dark and depressing tone of the movie.

I usually try my best to find a flaw in what I review, but for me, Godzilla 1954 doesn’t have anything that isn’t good about it for it is a good story that’s well-acted, and well-written, Although I will admit that the Godzilla suit sometimes does look a bit unintentionally silly looking and is outdated, but I’ll give it a pass because the movie was made back in the year 1954.

In conclusion, not only is Godzilla 1954 the very first film in the franchise that’s important for every fan to watch to see how it all began, it is an example of powerful cinema with a very good message, and is a phenomenal drama in the Kaiju genre that should never be missed and forgotten.

I give Godzilla 1954 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


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Eugene Alejandro

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3 thoughts on “Godzilla 1954 Movie Review by Eugene Alejandro”

  1. Eugene I definitely like your review I also like the fact that it is the very 1st and probably the best of the series. Their great job on this I’d also like to mention the fact that you seem to think the suit looks silly at times I can understand that. In my opinion technology back in that day they really had to improvise and sometimes there were very resourceful and very unique in the way they do things. Today is all about CGI you can create just about anything with CGI. Anyway nice job on the review.


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