68 Volume 3: Jungle Jim Review by Eugene Alejandro

Just as the title suggests, 68 Volume 3: Jungle Jim focuses on a character who is named Jungle Jim that does his best to survive in Vietnam from both zombies and Vietnam soldiers.

While the previous two story arcs were set in the month of February, this story arc is set in March, and feels like a new jumping on point for readers. It’s set only in Vietnam where as 68 Volume 2: Scars focused on both Vietnam and the USA.

However, that doesn’t change my opinion that 68 Volume 3: Jungle Jim is one of the many reasons why Mark Kidwell’s is a spectacular writer of the zombie genre. This story arc has both outstanding storytelling, and outstanding artwork in the main story.

This collected edition collects issues #0-4 of the 68: Jungle Jim mini series, and while it features facts about the Vietnam War at the end of each chapter like Battle Scars had, there is no bonus chapter after the main story.

Jungle Jim #0 tells the main character’s origin story and while Mark Kidwell’s writing in it is great, it’s Nate Van Dyke’s artwork that didn’t impress me. I didn’t hate his art, but I felt that it didn’t fit the tone that 68 is known for (his cover art is really good though. It just didn’t work for me as interior art).

Jungle Jim issues #1-4 are the main story, and this is when the outstanding artwork of Jeff Zornow (the artist of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth) shows up. His art helps to carry the dark, violent, and gloomy tone expected in 68 (all thanks to Nat Jones).

One thing that I can say for sure from reading this story arc of 68 is that it’s by far the most violent and brutal arc in 68 that Mark Kidwell has written so far.  The zombies featured in this story look more disturbing with worms and maggots crawling all over their skin, an Elephant gets blown up by a rocket launcher, humans get chopped up, eaten, and blown to pieces with much more detail, and what I consider to be one of the best scenes in comic book history in which a Tiger shows up and starts slaughtering lots of zombies.

Overall, 68 Volume 3: Jungle Jim is a well-written and fun addition to the 68 series, and helps prove that the entire series is a good example of awesome zombie fiction.

I give 68 Volume 3: Jungle Jim 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


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