68 Volume 2: Scars Review by Eugene Alejandro

68 Volume 2: Scars is a good follow up to 68 Volume 1: Better Run Through The Jungle as it features even better storytelling that helps make the entire 68 series amazing.

This time, instead of just focusing only on Vietnam, the the zombie apocalypse stories jumps back and forth between Vietnam, and the USA. The USA portion of this story arc focuses on a Chinese couple living in New York Chinatown and their rescue and evacuation by the military.  The Vietnam story arc focuses on one of the characters from the previous story arc, Kuen Yam getting saved by a group of USA soldiers taking refuge in the Ton Son Nhat airport.

What’s so special about about this addition to 68 is that it changes the simple formula from just focusing on the characters that are trying to survive from zombies and Vietnam soldiers, to also focusing on characters trying to survive from zombies in the United States of America which is a good idea as it allows the reader to know what’s also going on outside Vietnam.

Mark Kidwell’s writing is still as phenomenal as ever as not only do the transitions from the focus on Vietnam and the USA work well, but he also did a good job at introducing the brand new characters that are featured in 68 Volume 2: Scars.

Nat Jones’s artwork is also still amazing to look at as he continues to draw both the humans and the zombies very well (as well as the action scenes and violence).

Another fun thing about this collected edition is that at the end of each chapter, there are facts about the Vietnam War in order to show what Mark Kidwell researched, and incorporated into the story (as opposed to just being extra features in the very end like in the previous collected edition of 68).

68 Volume 2: Scars also has one bonus chapter that’s written by Mark Kidwell and drawn by Godzilla: Rulers of Earth artist Jeff Zornow titled Hardship.

Just like the previous story, this one also has a lot of graphic violence which makes it not suitable for anyone who’s underage.

68 Volume 2: Scars is a fabulous continuation of Better Run Through The Jungle, and shows that Mark Kidwell is one of the best zombie writers of all time, and that his comic 68 is a really good zombie story worth reading any time.

I give 68 Volume 2: Scars Two Thumbs Up, and 5/5 Stars.


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