Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s Glory Volume 2 Review by Eugene Alejandro

Glory Volume 2: War Torn which collects issues #29-#34 is a good continuation of Glory Volume 1: The Once and Future Destroyer, and is a brilliant conclusion to Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s whole run on Glory.

The reason why this Glory series only lasted for 12 issues (#23-34) is because it sadly didn’t sell well enough to keep going on. It does have a really good and surprising ending though (I won’t spoil the ending because I really want you to read this series).

The plot of Glory Volume 2: War Torn is that It’s discovered that Glory has a little sister named Nanaja. Nanaja hates Glory because she left to Earth many years ago. Nanaja decides to go to Earth in order to find Glory. Glory and Nanaja come face to face, and they begin fighting each other to a bloody pulp. They both recover from fighting each other and decide to put their difference’s aside so that they can stop their father Lord Silverfall from taking over the Earth. Glory, Nanaja, Riley Barnes, and the rest of Glory’s team find Lord Silverfall. But before they can stop his goal, he explains that he really doesn’t want to take over the Earth. The only reason why he did what he had to do was because he wanted to protect his family from a giant space monster called The Knight. Glory and the gang understand the situation and decide to help Lord Silverfall stop The Knight from destroying Earth.

With this volume being the last story of the entire series, Joe Keatinge does a fantastic job at ending his and Sophie Campbell’s run on the character of Glory.

Sophie Campbell’s artwork is still spectacular as we get to see her draw not only Glory and the supporting characters, but she also draws almost every other character that Rob Liefeld created.

The list includes Supreme, Suprema, Avengelyne, Diehard, Blue Shaft, Cabbot, Chapel, New Shogun, Red Shaft, Lethal, New Deadlock, Cougar, Sea Hawk, Battlestone, New Fourplay, New Tag, Even Newer Fourplay, Brahma, Doc Rocket, Byrd, Stass, Johnny Panic, Sharpsmooth, Seoul, Combat, Bloodwulf, Rubble, Psilence, Exit, Kodak, Wylder, Dash, Badbear, Kaya, Twilight, Troll, Dash, Thermal, Vogue, Badrock, Photon, Big Brother, Kaboom, Masada, Rein East, Coldsnap, and Riptide 5000.

I forgot to mention this in my previous review of the first volume of Joe Keatinge’s Glory, which is that even though it’s a phenomenal comic, it contains high amounts of graphic violence to which it’s not suitable for all ages.

Glory Volume 2: War Torn is an excellent conclusion to Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s Glory Run, and the series as a whole is a good example of how to re-define a character. 

I give Glory Volume 2: War Torn 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


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