Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s Glory Volume 1 Review by Eugene Alejandro

Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s run on Glory which is published by Image Comics is a perfect example of how to re-define a character.

For those that don’t know, Glory is a character that was created by none other than Rob Liefeld (one of the founders of Image Comics) during the 1990’s. In 2011-2012, Rob Liefeld came back to Image Comics for a somewhat “Extreme Studios” revival where he brought back his creator-owned properties to the company. He even allowed other creative teams to work on some of those properties. The Glory revival (which I will be reviewing right now) was written by Joe Keatinge, with artwork by Sophie Campbell (who back then, went by the name of Ross Campbell).

Glory Volume 1: The Once and Future Destroyer is a very good beginning for Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s work on the character as it does a fantastic job of changing the character’s appearance and origin in a very good way.

Your probably asking “What’s the big difference between Joe Keatinge’s version of Glory, and Rob Liefeld’s verison of Glory?” The answer is simple. Rob Liefeld’s Glory had a super model appearance, and was the offspring of an Amazon, and a Demon. Joe Keatinge’s Glory has the appearance of a very tall and muscular albino whose skin is covered in battle scars, and while her origin of being an offspring between a Demon and an Amazon is the same as Liefeld’s version of the character, Joe Keatinge added a twist to it. The Demons and Amazons are Aliens, thus making Glory herself an Alien.

The plot of Glory Volume 1 is that long time fan of Glory Riley Barnes is invited to a french island where she finds Glory after many years of not being seen. The reason why Glory is in hiding is because her father Lord Silverfall wants her dead. Riley is then recruited to help Glory stop her father, but Riley soon discovers that Glory may not be trusted.

What makes this version of Glory so unique is how much effort Joe Keatinge put into a character that he never created by making great changes to her story. Sophie Campbell’s artwork for this series is great and helps with Glory’s new appearance.

Another thing to let you know is that when this new Glory series first came out, it continued the numbering from the old Glory series (which was 22 issues long). Meaning that this Glory series starts with #23. Which is why I recommend reading the collected editions because those are properly numbered, and make it easy for people to read the new series without having to worry about reading the old series.

Glory Volume 1: The Once and Future Destroyer collects the first six issues of the new Glory series which is #23-#28.

Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell’s run on Glory is a brilliant example of how to re-define a Rob Liefeld character, and is an awesome comic that should never be ignored.

I give Glory Volume 1 5/5 Stars, and Two Thumbs Up.


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